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School Education


girls in India aged 15-18 years drop out of school


of boys in India aged 15-18 years drop out of school


of drop outs end up unemployed or severely under-employed
India’s formal education system does not provide the skills required to earn a livelihood and advance economically. Sambhav helps adolescents in higher secondary schools, polytechnics, and ITIs access a better future through vocational education.

Our Approach

Access to Hard Infrastructure
Develop educational centres and make classrooms accessible to local communities.
Access to
Quality Learning
Provide quality education through qualified trainers, progressive curriculum, and formative assessments.
Access to
Create a healthy learning environment by creating access to basic health amenities.
Linkages to
Formal Economy
Set groundwork for teaching employable skills and use local ecosystem linkages to access opportunities in the formal economy.
Community Intervention
Foster community partnership for greater exposure to livelihood opportunities.
Tech-enabled Transparency
Track individual performance at various learning stages for greater accountability and leverage technology to assess learning gaps.
Ecosystem Development
Create an ecosystem of growth and support aided by government partnership and policy interventions.

Our impact

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Girls' lives

The Growth and Success of Saadhya School - Through the eyes of Simran

Our partners

Ecosystem partners

Doing this course helped me see that there are so many career options out there. I love trying new things and seeing what I am good at.

Rubaina Shaikh

14 years old

The mobile phone repair training program was more popular with boys and I was a little scared at first to be surrounded by them. But the trainer ensured that I was treated with respect and given the same opportunities as the boys in the program

Muskan Gadkari

15 years old

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