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Youth Empowerment


of India’s youth are unemployed


of youth with formal training are unemployed


of youth don’t receive any formal vocational training
Sambhav is levelling the playground of career opportunities for youths with insufficient representation.

Our Approach

Access to Hard Infrastructure
Create access to training centres and classrooms for learning and skill development.
Access to
Quality Skilling
Promote curiosity-driven learning experience using quality trainers, the latest curriculum and efficient management.
Access to
Future Skills
Use hybrid learning and digital technology to build skills based on aspirations and community expectations.
Access to Linkages to Formal Economy
Provide placement and hands-on training opportunities through existing local ecosystems.
Tech-enabled Transparency
Develop a roadmap of progress through timely assessment and track the impact of training.
Create alumni and referral networks for sustainable growth in opportunities and easy mobilization.
Ecosystem Development
Foster partnerships with the school system, create collaborative advocacy, and opportunities for youth leadership.

Our impact

0 Lac
Livelihoods enabled
0 + Lac
Hours of Training
Training hours per Candidate

Our partners

Ecosystem partners

I was able to get a job as a receptionist and a monthly salary Rs 10,000. Now I have a good career and I'm able to support my family financially.

Tanuja N

CRM Trainee

I used to work as a Data Operator, and was unhappy due to the earning and growth. Now I run my shop. I have gained self-confidence and respect in my family as well as the community.

Jayshree Dhaybar

Optician Trainee

Mohammad Kadar Gazi
I had never dreamed I would be able to open my own garage. I have been able to earn respect as an entrepreneur, support my family, and the education of my three sisters. None of this would be possible without the support I have received.

Mohammad Kader Gazi

Automobile Maintenance Trainee

I learnt warehouse training and computer skill and got an opportunity to earn a monthly salary of Rs 12,000.

Chandrashekar N

Data Entry Trainee

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