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Our ground network and execution excellence has been built and tested painstakingly with one goal – creating impact at scale. If you have a vision for a new India, Sambhav presents the most reliable way to make it possible.

How Can You Contribute?

Make a Grant

When we reach out to help individuals and communities, we go beyond the role of enablers. We realize that at the heart of life-long sustainability lies innovation and efficiency. Year on year, we focus on streamlining our methods for greater reach and long-term effectiveness.

The problems we are addressing are intricate, systemic, and embedded in the fabric of our society. And they affect more and more families every year. When you offer a grant, it helps carry out further research and innovation to comprehend and solve ever-increasing socio-economic issues.

Help us transform lives.
Community Based Entrepreneurship
Social Incubators India

Fund under CSR

CSR activities drive social and economic development on a tremendous scale. At Sambhav, we help organizations integrate social objectives and commitments with achievable goals that impact many communities. In times of global upheaval, we offer you the means for becoming a symbol of positive social change.

Such an act can galvanize millions of people into taking actions for the benefit of others. This means that the general public becomes aware of the company’s social values and impactful contributions. With the aid of CSR, our organization can carry out large-scale development projects and sustainable changes in various communities.

Cause Marketing

Studies show more than 90% of customers would switch to a brand that supports and contributes towards a good cause. In an extensively connected world, people are more aware of the impact of business processes. From the effect on climate to people’s livelihood, customers are cognizant of changes brought about by their purchases.

We make partnering easy by finding common grounds for maximum impact. Our teams collaborate with yours to create the best marketing strategies, and achieve targets together. If you want to support social causes and accomplish business goals, we are here to help.
Womens Economic Empowerment

Volunteer with us

Make a meaningful impact in your community by volunteering with Sambhav Foundation. Our team is dedicated to improving the lives of underprivileged communities through quality education, public healthcare, and sustainable livelihoods.

With over a decade of experience in the field, we have a deep understanding of the issues and know how to create real change at scale. By joining us as a corporate volunteer, your company can be a part of this impactful work and make a difference in the lives of those in need.

Bring your team together for a day of giving back and making a lasting impact on the community.

Email us at  to learn more about our corporate volunteering program and schedule your team’s volunteer day today!

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