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Womens Empowerment
Bearing an Unequal Burden

A gentle sun is shining. A woman is walking towards the village well, gracefully balancing pots on her head. Out of the corner of her eye, she spies her love …

Impact at Scale #1 | Quenching thirst at scale

This is the first ever edition of ‘Impact at Scale’, my attempt to start a conversation on the core constraints in the scaling of impact, and (hopefully) spark new ideas. …

Trucking in the Pandemic: Driving change in Supply Chain

Imagine working 13-hour straight a day, in dangerous conditions, without any security or benefits. That’s a glimpse of how an Indian truck driver works a day in his life.  Trucking …

Why a multi-dimensional informal labour market cannot have a unilateral policy-making approach

In response to the recent migrant workers crisis, massive relief efforts have been launched to rehabilitate and re-employ the informal working section. While the Atmanirbhar scheme lays considerable focus on …

Why skill-mapping of informal workers needs a better forethought?

India cannot experience uniform development by omitting its enormous informal working segment. The most pertinent lesson from the pandemic is that the benefits of economic growth and transformation due to …

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