Annual Report 2018-19

We have witnessed changes in our approach, and with each passing day, this change has helped us stay strong and committed to our cause. We are discovering newer and better ways to reach out to the youth, the women and the children and enable them to lead a life they have dreamt of. We want to work in a sphere that gives freedom to the vulnerable class to have a prosperous and healthy life.

Annual Report 2017-18

In the ecosystem of voluntary organizations, Sambhav Foundation is founded in 2006 for sustenance and advancement of the underprivileged sections of the society. There was a gap to be filled in and a unified approach to be carved out for culminating the vulnerabilities of the disadvantaged and the disabled fellow citizens. Sambhav Foundation formed with an intent to create an ecosystem that supports the youth, the women and the disabled children, and to create a cohesive environment for them to be able to lead a better life with better opportunities. The foundation aims to help the weaker sections plunge into the world of unexplored possibilities to diversify and widen the areas where they can utilise and enhance their potential.

Annual Report 2016-17

Based on our strong research and experience, we have developed a range of tools that are implemented at all stages of our programs, from registration to completion. Whether the focus is on an individual child with a disability(ies) or a group of individuals undergoing training, the tools can be accessed and used easily.

~ Our Partners ~

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