The objective of NEEM is to offer on the job practical training to enhance the employability of a person either pursuing his or her Post Graduation graduation/diploma in any technical or non-technical stream or has discontinued studies after Class 10th to enhance his/her employability.

Key Incentives For The Industries

  • The Labor Or The Workforce Provided Under NEEM Scheme Is Regulated By An Expert Agent. Hence The Industry Does Not Have To Worry About Any Legal Liabilities
  • The Trainees Are More Disciplined And Have A Tendency To Learn The Skills Faster. The Industry Has The Option Of Letting The Trained Labor Go Or They Can Absorb Them Full Time. This Creates A Win-Win Situation For Both The Parties. Trainees Get To Learn The Latest Skills And Get Paid A Stipend, The Industries Get Hassle-Free Skilled Manpower.

Benefit To The Employer

  • Improves Competence & Efficiency Of The Organization
  • Part Of CSR Activity (Contributing In The Nation-Building Through Creating A Skilled Manpower)
  • Equal Opportunity For Constructive Education To The Underprivileged Sector
  • Opportunity To Develop Your Own Skilled Manpower According To Your Requirements & Work Culture
  • Clear Legal Structure To Take Candidates. Train Them According To Your Requirement With No Obligation To Hire
  • Develop A Hierarchy Of Hiring From The Bottom
  • One Stop Solution For All National Compliance

Benefit To Candidates

  • Get An Opportunity To Learn On Job Skill And Earn An Employment.
  • Financial Independence As He Receives A Stipend.
  • On Job Training, Quality Work Experience, With Reputed Organizations.
  • Valuable Work Experience Leads To Better Job/Career Progression And Acceptance By The Industries.
  • Health And Safety And Welfare Of Trainees
  • Hours Of Work, Overtime, Leave And Holidays
  • Post Training Support
  • Remuneration/Stipend

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