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Impact in Action – Vijaypura’s Healthcare: Field Notes from a Multi-level Intervention

Impact in Action – Vijaypura’s Healthcare: Field Notes from a Multi-level Intervention

I am proud to share this field report of an intervention with you and I hope that it will inspire you and show you that change is possible.

India’s vast healthcare system has been consistently falling short of providing accessible, affordable and quality healthcare services for a large part of the population. The existing infrastructure, especially in smaller towns and villages, is inadequate to meet the demands of the growing population. There is just one state- run hospital for every 90,343 Indians and 5 government hospital beds for every 1000 people. Less than 10% of the population is covered by health insurance. The COVID-19 pandemic has further disrupted healthcare and other critical systems like education and supply chains and some of the losses are expected to affect generations to come.

Our progress as a nation, now, depends on our ability to implement rapid solutions to the challenges we face. However, the complexity of the situation is such that, realistically, a single-point solution isn’t going to work. We need multi-pronged solutions that address these problems at different levels.

The program in Vijayapura arose out of a similar ambition: to improve public healthcare for a particular geography through a long-term intervention, that targets issues at multiple levels and through multiple approaches.

For Sambhav Foundation, attempting such a task was made possible because of our vast on-ground network and our expertise in remote training, assessment, and performance tracking. The rationale of this bigger intervention was based on the many smaller projects and solutions that we had tried and tested over a period. And this first-of-its-kind exercise in Vijayapura has shown us how we should be responding to a health crisis. The program is highly scalable and can, and should be replicated across the country.

Get your copy here: https://sambhavfoundation.org/vijaypura-report-for-sambhav/

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